Automatic Doypack Packing Machine

It can pack granule or liquid products into doypack/stand up pouch automatically.  The machine can fulfil doypack/stand up pouch form, fill and seal etc.
It is suitable for the automatic filling and sealing of the stand up pouches with the liquid materials such as fruit juice, milk, soft drink, wine, oil, Chinese herb soup etc. and also with granule , such as coffee, beans, candy, inflated foods,etc.
The processes of bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting and hot pressing codes can e done automatically.
Packaging materials
Pet/PE, pet/plated al/PE, aluminum foil/PE, paper/PE, nylon and other heatable sealed and composite materials.
Type KVZLF-300
Bag specifications Bottom bag width: 20-30mm
Width: 40-160mm
Length: 60-180mm
Capacity o 18-28bags/min
Maxi. Filling Volume 40-450ml
air consumption 0.97 CUBIC METERS.
power 220V  50HZ  2.1KW
weight 500kg
dimension L*W*H 1750*1400*2150 mm