Discussion of the virus

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Update time : 2020-02-25 16:34:05
1. What is a virus?
The virus is the smallest microorganism that cannot be seen under a common microscope, and it is an infectious body with life phenomena such as heredity, mutation, symbiosis and interference. Strictly speaking, it is between life and non-life. An independent virus does not show any life characteristics, but immediately after entering the cell, it exhibits active life characteristics damage.


2. What are the implications of virus for human health?
Although the virus is simple in structure and small in size, they can cause humans, animals and plants to become ill and die. For example, among the parvoviruses, some can cause gastroenteritis in humans and pigs; some are parasitic in human tonsils and lack their own reproductive ability, but another helper virus, adenovirus, which invades the tonsils. With the help of, it can also reproduce pathogenic bacteria. Among the microRNA viruses, there are polio viruses that can cause polio, many viruses that can cause myocarditis, meningitis, epidemic pectoral myalgias, throat bronchitis, and gastroenteritis, and rhinoviruses can cause colds and colds Foot-and-mouth disease virus can cause oral inflammation and hoof ulcers in cattle, pigs, sheep and other livestock, and often lead to mass death.
Due to the existence of various viruses, the history of human survival is also a history of constant struggle against various viruses. Since ancient times, many major diseases have been brought to humans due to various viruses, including plague, cholera, atypical pneumonia, Ebola virus, Middle East respiratory syndrome, viral hepatitis, human infection with H7N9 bird flu, and the latest New coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China (2019-nCoV).

3. How virus is being fought ?
(1)Prevent. Wash hands frequently, wearing surgical masks,disinfection frequently, Avoid activities in crowded places,avoid cross-infection.
(2)Positive Treatment. Actively cooperate with the work of medical staff, timely and effective treatment.

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Although the virus is terrible, but it is not invincible, as long as we protect the proper, and through vaccines and other means to prevent, can certainly reduce the risk of infection. With the progress of science and technology, human will eventually overcome the cunning virus, because people will be more powerful than the virus!