How to keep healthy in the Increasingly serious virus

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Update time : 2020-11-26 11:41:31
According to Worldometers' real-time statistics, as of 03:15 p.m. ON Monday (November 26), novel Coronavirus (IRUS) confirmed 60.62 million new cases, 589,946 new cases to 606,25032, 1.42 million deaths, and 13,162 new cases to 142,047 worldwide were reported.The number of countries with more than 100,000 confirmed cases globally rose to 57.In addition, there have been more than 90,000 confirmed cases in Bulgaria and Venezuela.More than 1 million cases have been confirmed in major countries, such as the United States (13.13 million), India (9.26 million), Brazil (6.16 million), France (2.17 million) and Russia (2.16 million).


With the continuous deterioration of COVID-19 in the world, people's purchase of daily necessities has increased, for fear of another shortage of goods. For example, many large supermarket chains in the United States have restored the purchase restrictions on toilet paper and hand sanitizer since the spring. Last week, Kroger Inc., the largest chain of grocery stores in the country, and the public supermarket Publix Super Markets Inc. which own over 1200 chains in southeast area restored the purchase restrictions on toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Kroger also restored restrictions on hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes. Giant, a supermarket chain that operates in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia, has also restricted the purchase of toilet paper and tissue. Wegmans has also imposed restrictions on paper towels, household cleaners and disinfectant wipes.

This phenomenon is not unreasonable. The effective methods of epidemic prevention in China include proper wearing of masks and eyeglasses, keeping social distance, reducing or not attending meetings, and disinfecting with tissues, wipes and detergents mentioned above. So how to solve the problem of insufficient supplies? LPMIE company provides a paper towel and disinfection wipes production machine, which can be used to produce folding four side sealing paper towel and disinfection wipes, with the size of 60mmx60mm, and the output of 200-500 pieces per minute. The quality is stable. If you are in need, please click the link below to get more about the product.