Why do Chinese people rarely choose an open kitchen?

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Update time : 2019-05-17 14:56:00
If anyone asks me what my favorite place in my home is, I would say kitchen. Kitchen is a warm place, where every meal here has the taste of home.And it's also a place full of memories,I often remind of the scenes that my mother prepared dinner for the family in my childhood. There's no doubt that a kitchen is important for every family.So when you decorate your house,will you prefer an open kitchen or a closed kitchen?
Open Kitchens

Open kitchen seems more popular in Europe and America.The major benefit of the open kitchen is that it change the layout and makes a deeper vista in interior space    (By taking down the wall beween kitchen and living room).Because of connecting kitchen and dining-room visually ,the open kichens give the feel of a larger space, as compared to closed ones.You can make this comfortable space more attractive by decorating it in an elegant style,and family members can chat freely here ,or even hold a party. It seems that open kitchens create a causal feel of the house, maybe that’s the lifestyle you want.

Closed Kitchens

Unlike the open kitchen,a closed kitchen is just what the name suggests- adopts a enclosed design. The host usually choose a separate room as kitchen,and the kitchen- style can be independent.If you want to make the closed kitche tidy and neat, it seems like a good idea to choose a cabinet which can provide sufficient storage space for food and tablewares.There are less room decorations in the closed kitchen except some useful cooking tools.Although it’s not easy to talk to your family when you are cooking in a closed kitchen alone,you can sink into the cooking process and enjoy a happy cooking time without any distraction.Meanwhile,the closed kitchen can confine some cooking smells to avoid lampblack pervasion and pollution.

Of course open Kitchens and closed kitchens, have both goodness and shortcoming. However,few Chinese families choose an open kitchen, and do you know why? The first reason is that the cooking methods of Chinese cuisine are more diverse, especially stir-fried will produce excessive oil fume, even a high-powered smoke extractor,though,won't by itself fully solve the problem.But the families from western countries don't need to brood about this,as the different diet custom,they seem to prefer cooking by oven.Additional, the open design may cause plenty of annoying kitchen cleaning problems,if not promptly clean up,the kitchen would affect the overall nice of the house.So it’s necessary to do a good job cleaning and often ventilation to keep the open kitchen air fresh.

If you decide to choose an open kitchen ,you also need to make good use of the cabinet storage space. Western people like to use pan,and they often hang it on the wall.Obviously, it’s a good method to save storage space,while making a kitchen look a lot less messy.However,Chinese people commonly use many different kinds of cookware,such as pan,wok, stew pot,steamer etc.which are not easy to hang on the wall.So it’s better to hide them in cabinets.Steamer,I have mentioned above,it’s an essential household cookware in chinese families,of course the multi-layer steamers are more durable.The screw press of LPMIE is suitable for die forging, precision forging, correction, bending, stamping and other processes. It can not only forge non-welded multi-layer steamers,but also forge spoons, knives and forks etc.If you are interested in further details,click the picture below.