KVZL Roll Compactor

Item No.: LPMIE103
It is suitable for granulating of thermosensitive API powder and volatile API powder which are not suitable for conventional wet type granulator or fluid bed drying granulator.

Work Principle:

According Dry Granulation technics requirements, the machine feeds powder (water content less than 1.5%) into vertical feeding chamber of compactor, which will be deaerated by pre-compression→ Tablet Compression→Crushing of Tablet Sheet→Granule Modification→Sifting. The powder could be granulated into irregular shapes of granules with variety of sizes without bonds or water; the machine could accomplish the physical transformation from powder to granule.

  1. The roll compactor adopts cantilever type structure; it plays a leading position in China, convenient observation and cleaning. To dividing the processing area and transmission area, with clean and neat appearance, simple dismantlement and cleaning. It realizes sealed production from powder to granule. 
  2. The equipment adopts PLC and Colorful HMI controller with inverter, which increased the performance of control system and reliability of machine. PLC accepts operational order from HMI, it could accomplish the adjustments of parameters setup, hydraulic pressure, rotation speed of vertical feeder, rotation speed of horizontal feeder, rotation speed of compression rollers, rotation speed of granulating. Rollers’ gap is monitoring real time; the operator could adjust the parameters randomly according to actual demands.
  3. The contact parts and machine frame adopts excellent stainless steel with GMP requirements.
  4. The machine adopts two-step feeding of product, it is better than one-step, deaeration is sufficient, fed material is even, which increases strength of tablet sheet.
  5. Roller is with water cooling, water inlet and outlet are built-in structure, which will cool the compressed product. 
  6. The system is equipped with multiple grade password protection from machine, technics and operator, which is good to machine run, management and quality control.
  7. The contact parts with product could be dismantled quickly, it is convenient for maintenance and cleaning.

Components and Configurations List
NAME QTY Content Specification
Vertical Feed 1 set Motor YB2-90S-4
Speed Reducer TSA58-B1. 1-4P-21.0 9-M5-A-90
Inverter ATV312H11N4
1.1 KW 380V
Horizontal Feed 1 set Motor YB2-100L1-4
Speed Reducer WPDZ100-2.2
Inverter ATV312H22N4

2.2 KW 380V
Tablet Compression System 1 set Motor YB2-132M-4
Speed Reducer
Inverter ATV312H75N4
7.5 KW 380V
Crusher device 1 set Motor YB2-80M1-4
Speed Reducer
0.55 KW
Granulating Device 1 set Motor YB2-90L-4
Speed Reducer
Inverter ATV312H15N4

1.5 KW 380 V
Control System 1 set HMI SMART 1000 NON EXPLOSION PROOF
Control Cabinet
Cables between machine and control cabinet are NOT included.
Hydraulic System 1 set Electric oil pump
Pressure sensor
0.75 KW
32 MPa
Machine Bracket 1 pc