New Type Capsule Polishing Machine

Item No.: LPMIE428
CSP-1000 Capsule Polishing Machine

Multi-function Vertical Polishing Machine has triple functions including capsule polishing, lifting and sorting, with its inlet able to be connected with any type of capsule filling machine and with its outlet able to be connected with the metal testing machine, weight testing machine and appearance inspection machine, realizing the online production mode of capsule filling, polishing, sorting and testing. 
Applicable capsule models 00#  0#  1#  2#  3#  4#
Max. production efficiency 4000-7000 pcs/min 
Power index 220V 50Hz 1PH  0.20kw
Compressed air 0.3m3/min   0.3Mpa
Dimensions 780*820*1550mm
Weight 135kg
Vacuum cleaner