Supercritical Co2 Fluid Extraction Machine

Item No.: LPMIE106
The whole extracting process diversified and versatile, this device use CO2 as supercritical solvent, according to CO2 solvency ability, through operating and adjusting its parameter( mainly pressure and temperature), thus to change natural product densit
Introduction of Supercritical Co2 Extraction Machine
  • This system is multi-function SPE equipment, the working mode is intermittent or continuous way to extract solvent from solid or liquid material, the additive can be add to the supercritical fluid;
  • The system has one extractor and two separators
  • The highest working pressure of solid extractor is 50Mpa, the highest working temperature is 85°C;
  • The design of pressure vessels according the related national standard and rule demand and with over pressure protection system which means enough safety valve;
  • The whole equipment beauty, safety and easy operation, pressure temperature flow number can be showed from pressure meter and digital instrument. The material of pipe parts, valves, pipe lines, are all stainless steel(0Cr18Ni9Ti).
Main technical parameters of Supercritical Co2 Extraction Machine
  • 1) Small size supercritical device
Type Power(KW) Floor Area(m²) Height(m)
0.5L 5 1.5 1.8
1L 8 2 1.8
5L 16 4 1.8
10L 25 8 2
20L 40 10 4
24L 40 10 4
24L*2 45 12 4
25L*4 60 15 4
  • Description
  • 1.All the types have two separators;
    2All parts of device is manufactured with 304 stainless steel;
    3.Quick-open structure of extractor: Extractor cover can be opened as soon as gas is given out, sealing material doesn’t swelling and can be used recyclable. Which saves time and enhances utilization ratio of device.
  • Design Temperature(°c) 0˜ 85°c
  • Design Pressure(Mpa): 40~50
  • 2) Industrial size supercritical device
Type Design Flow(L/H) Floor Area(m²) Height(m)
50L*3 600 ≤80 ≤6
100L*3 1000 ≤130 ≤7
200L*3 1500 ≤200 ≤9
300L*3 2500 ≤250 ≤9
Design Pressure(Mpa): 35-55
Design Temperature(°c) :60-90
Description: All the types are 3 extract and 2 separate system, don’t contain countercurrent extraction and extraction tower, All purchased part are famous brands home and abroad, pressure vessels contacting with CO2 is packing up structure, the material of inner is 304 stainless steel, PLC auto and manual double control system, with tail-gas recover system and electro-heating system.